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Short-term disability

Disability insurance replaces some of your income if an injury or illness prevents you from working. Disability insurance is important because it can ease the financial burden on a household when someone has a serious illness or injury. The main difference between disability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance is for disability insurance, the injury or illness does not need to be work-related.

Short-Term Disability (STD) pays you a portion of your income for a short period of time after you run out of sick leave. STD plans typically pay all or a portion of your wages for a period of nine weeks to one year. ASA works with a number of carriers to provide short-term disability and will find the right plan for you.
There are a number of other ancillary products and programs available through ASA,  including:

  • Hospital confinement indemnity 

  • Cancer/specified disease

  • ​Critical illness 

Contact us for more information on these programs. 

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