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What To Look For In A Workers’ Compensation Partner

What is workers’ compensation insurance and why do you need it?

Workers’ compensation insurance is a federally mandated, state regulated program that protects your business if an employee gets injured as a result of work-related activities.  Because the agriculture industry can be dangerous, workers’ comp insurance is both complex and important.  When your business is covered correctly, this type of insurance will pay for employee medical bills, lost wages, rehabilitation, retraining and more.  If you don’t purchase workers compensation or aren’t covered properly, your business will still be required to pay for these expenses.  Carrying workers’ compensation insurance protects your business from the potentially overwhelming costs associated with work related accidents or an employee filed lawsuit.

What makes a good workers compensation insurance partner?

As important as it is to carry workers’ compensation, it’s just as important to work with the right partner.  The right agent will take the time to get to know your operation and work with you to make sure you are covered correctly.  You want to look for an insurance agent that:
  • Is focused on your industry
  • Has years of experience
  • Can provide multiple coverage options
  • Offers additional services like:
    • Risk analysis and loss control
    • Safety training
    • Claims management
    • Regulatory compliance assistance
    • 24/7 customer service
If you’re agent or broker can’t provide you with this level of focus and service, it’s probably time for a review.  In addition, we all know it’s been a challenging year, if your business has changed, it’s a good time for an insurance review.  The team at Agri-Services Agency will work with you to provide coverage that protects your operation at a price that fits your budget.  Give us a call today at 877-466-9089 or visit for more information.  You can also click here to fill out a form and have one of our agents contact you.