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Spring Preparation for Agriculture

Spring is a busy time of year for those in the agriculture industry, from planning for new livestock births to prepping your crops, there is a lot to be done. Take this time to prepare for the upcoming months and make sure all is in order on your farm with these helpful tips.

Conduct an Inspection
Spring is a great time to conduct routine inspections. Spray down any equipment and remove the dirt and mud that winter left behind. Check that any vehicles are in top working condition and make note of any damage that needs repair. Tour your land and verify that all boarders and fencing is intact. Inspect all buildings and structures for any potential damage. Once you have done your inspection, make a list of any issues or repairs that need addressed.

Repairs and Maintenance
Routine maintenance is to something many farmers expect in the spring. It is important to ensure that the tools and equipment you use are up to par. If you found any larger repairs were needed during your inspection, this is a great time to call any professionals needed to schedule repairs. If you need to replace any equipment or order parts, place your orders now so that they come in with plenty of time for repairs.

Get Your Livestock Ready
With spring around the corner, schedule appointments with the vet to make sure that your livestock are healthy and that their inoculations are up to date. This is also a great time to deep clean your livestock shelters. With warmer temperatures returning, those whole live in the northern regions can put their livestock back out to pasture and give their livestock shelters a thorough clean.

Test and Prep Your Soil
Depending on your location and crop type, you may be harvesting and delivering your produce or cultivating soil in preparation for sowing. No matter which stage you are at now is a good time to test the pH and nutrients of your soil. From there you can prep your soil as needed for your crops.

Pest Prevention
The warm weather of spring brings with it many pests that can damage your crops or harm your livestock, making this a great time for pest prevention. Protecting your crops and livestock from pests takes planning, preparation, and having the right equipment on hand. Take the time to review your plan and order any equipment or tools you may need.

Insurance Review
With all this preparation work now is the time to sit down with your insurance agent and do an insurance review. As you upgrade or replace equipment, enhance your tools, or repair buildings you want to make sure your insurance coverage is up to par and that your business is protected against any potential risks. Give Agri-Services Agency a call at 1-877-466-9089 to get the conversation started today!