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Pollution Insurance

You do your best to operate an environmentally sound farm, but even the most cautious farmers can sometimes have an accident.

What type of environmental risks do farmers face? There are many environmental risks that farmers face. One example is that some farmers might have fuel tanks on their property or in a pick-up truck that is used to refuel equipment. Fuel tanks could rupture or get older and leak. If fuel leaks into crops, the ground, or any water source it could result in a large environmental issue. Another example is when manure farmers might use pesticides and herbicides to spray their crops. Spraying hazards or over spray and wind could take the spray to a neighboring field and cause ground fertility issues. Not to mention that manure brings flies which are covered in environmental peril.

How do you protect yourself and your business? The answer is simple, pollution insurance and procedures in place to prevent incidents from happening and to guide reactions when they do. With today’s increased awareness of environmental issues, even a small incident can become front page news in your local newspaper. To bring you specialized coverage, ASA has partnered with an industry leading environmental protection insurance company that provides customized insurance products not typically available in the standard insurance market.

ASA product features:
  • Both on site and off site clean up costs
  • Bodily injury and property damage resulting from pollution conditions
  • Legal defense costs
  • Coverage for sudden and gradual events
  • Manure transportation, over the road spills
  • Nuisance orders and dust
  • Chemical spraying
  • Permitted and unpermitted discharge of wastewater effluents and storm water

ASA is an agribusiness industry leader that has provided a high level of professional insurance service and competitive value for more than four decades. ASA has the advantage of being farmer owned and farmer driven. We are focused on safety and take a risk management approach to controlling your overall cost. ASA also has 24/7 customer service.

Give us a call today at 1-877-466-9089 and discuss your protection options with our trained agents. Remember, even small incidents can cause large damage. Protect yourself and your business today.