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Livestock Coverage... It's A Necessity, Not A Luxury

Many agri-businesses insure their land or property but too many neglect to insure their livestock.
For many, your livestock are an important commodity that could be the difference between a good year and a bad one. Livestock insurance provides several important benefits to protect your animals and your investment.

There are several reasons why livestock insurance is a necessity.

Protection beyond a farm policy. Depending on your coverage options and the size of your operation, your farm policy may protect your livestock to an extent. However, this coverage only applied if the livestock are on your insured property and not while they are in transit or away from the herd. It also usually does not cover chickens or other birds as these are considered poultry and often require separate coverage.

Protection for strays. Livestock have a mind of their own and you can think they are safely in their pen when in reality they are off on an adventure. Livestock insurance can help to protect your livestock if they happen to be harmed due to a covered peril while out. This coverage can be helpful if you are concerned about your animals being accidently harmed or dying.

Protection from perils. Livestock insurance covers losses from a variety of incidents including accidental shootings, attacks by dogs or wild animals, earthquakes, electrocution, floods, loading and unloading accidents, sudden and accidental fatal collisions, and more.

Protection for your assets. Every animal in your herd is an investment. Livestock coverage can reimburse you the current market value of your animals in the event of a covered loss. Fire, floods, earthquakes, and more… you can never predict what will come and you will want to make sure your finances are protected should your livestock be lost to a disaster.

Protection options. Livestock insurance is not one size fits all and there are different options to choose from. You can choose to insure your livestock individually, a more common strategy with higher valued animals, or as a herd which is based on your herd size. You can also adjust your coverage as your herd changes each year.

Your livestock are an important asset to your agribusiness. Livestock insurance can help insure your investment should something happen to them. The best way to get a quote is to call your Agri-Services Agency insurance agent.  Remember that some policies may cover more broadly than others and some may have exclusions. Talk with your Agri-Services Agency insurance agent to make sure that you understand the details of your options.

Give Agri-Services Agency a call a 1-877-466-9089 today and speak with an agent to discuss your options and get the process started to protect your most valuable commodity.